Bridgend Reach Announcements

Tender To Deliver Rural Craftworks Project

The tender to deliver this project is now on the Sell2Wales website

The deadline for submitting tenders is 22/3/18

The objective of the project is to provide economic and social benefits for those involved in the craft sector in Bridgend.This will be achieved  through increasing skills and employment opportunities, and decreasing social isolation, improving wellbeing, building capacity and providing volunteering opportunities.

The project will establish and support a Bridgend Craft Network which will deliver a range benefits including training, mentoring, demonstrations, speakers, sales events and also provide important networking opportunities. The Network will be open to all individuals and groups with an interest in craft.

A number of Craft Hubs across the county will also be established.  These Hubs will enable a number of small craft groups to meet  together to improve their sustainability through collective sharing of space – cut costs and potentially attract more members. The Hubs will also provide opportunities for networking and informal training on crafts, social media and IT.