A Pint Of Myths And Legends

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A Pint Of Myths And Legends

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Project Brief

Gareth Maund, Landlord of the Prince of Wales Inn, Kenfig contacted reach Rural Development Team for support to take his project idea forward, to capture and preserve the extraordinary story the inn.

When the “Pub is the Hub”, a not for profit organisation contacted Bridgend County Borough Council, they in turn approached Gareth Maund, the landlord of the Prince of Wales Inn, Ton Kenfig to see if he was interested in becoming involved in a project. The “Pub is the Hub”, initiated by HRH Prince Charles, encourages and helps licensees and communities to connect and share their experiences and work together to support and sustain their local services. “We got as many local people together as we could”, explains Gareth “ and what emerged was the desire to preserve and record the history of Kenfig, and in particular, the part that the pub played in this”.

REACH help

Gareth had originally thought about producing a CD or DVD that could be given to local people and the many visitors, often from overseas, who visit the pub. “What emerged with the App development was a project that I could never have envisioned and it was all down to reach and the imagination of their personnel’ says Gareth. “They organised everything from the commissioning of the filming, down to the app development itself”

Outcome and Impact

The pub has been a central part of Kenfig’s history for over 500 years. The upstairs room, now known as the ‘Town Hall’ has had many uses over the past centuries, including a school room, a court house through to local mortuary.

The development of this pub heritage app evolved into six short stories shown as film clips. These were narrated by Owain Teale, the nationally known actor who comes from Kenfig and some of the pub’s regulars also starred . The stories “Talking Walls”, “Propellor”, “Courtroom”, “School”, “Shipwreck” and “My Friend” each portray a different segment of the pub and the area’s history.

Available to download via the app or to view on “You Tube”, they can also be viewed in the pub itself, along with a time line showing specific events through the centuries. Qbar readers are installed throughout the pub so that visitors can readily access the history portrayed on the walls. After completion of the project, HRH Prince Charles visited the inn.

“What should have been a 90 minute visit lasted two and a half hours” Gareth explained. We had over 650 school children present to welcome the royal visitors and Prince Charles spent 90 minutes with a group of ladies who started to meet here to plan a party for his Investiture and have continued to meet here weekly, ever since”

“The visit had a tremendous impact” added Gareth. “Local people came and cleared the streets and cut back the grass and local businesses funded the lunch for the school children. It really helped to bring the community together”

‘The development of the app has preserved the history of the area and the pub. It’s made what we wanted a reality”

Gareth Maund

Licensee, Prince of Wales Pub, Ton Kenfig