Every area that receives funding under the LEADER strand of the Rural Development Programme is represented by a Local Action Group, known as a LAG. As with all LAGs across Europe, they are a partnership of public and private interests.

The Reach Bridgend LAG includes members who represent the public, private and voluntary sectors in rural Bridgend.

It is the decision-making body for Bridgend’s Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 and is responsible for overseeing the development, and monitoring the delivery, of a Local Development Strategy for the area.

This includes setting a fair and transparent process for scoring and selecting proposals for funding.

Our LAG must have at least 18 members, so from time to time we will put a call out for new members to ensure that we have sufficient numbers. However, it is possible for any group or organisation representing rural Bridgend County Borough to nominate a representative to join the LAG at any time.

Local Action Group Nomination Form