Food App Pilot Project

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Food App Pilot Project

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Project Funding

Bridgend College

Project Brief

The TastED Food App pilot project was developed to encourage families in rural Bridgend to change their food purchasing behaviour by raising awareness of the benefits of using local produce. 

At the same time, the App helps families make health and lifestyle changes by preparing healthy meals, monitoring calorie intake and spend on food. Claire George, a lecturer at Bridgend College, Pencoed initiated this innovative project, assisted by Toby Harris, an app developer who also lectures there.

Reach Help

“We wanted to link local rural communities with local suppliers by providing information on where to buy local produce. We also wanted to give tips on menus, cooking and a healthy lifestyle”, explains Claire. The College successfully applied to reach for funding and received a grant of £5,963. The college contributed £4,810 as match funding through time given by college staff giving a total project cost of £10,773.

Outcome and Impact

Ten families were recruited to participate in the six week pilot project, through Croesty Primary School, Pencoed. “The school were really helpful” said Claire. “Not only did they help us in involving the children and recruiting the families, they acted as a food co-operative, took the families’ weekly orders and accepted and stored the products from local suppliers.”

The App shows different menus, which are categorised into breakfast, lunch, evening meals and healthy snacks. Recipes, developed by Bridgend College Catering Department, can be accessed, together with where the ingredients can be sourced locally and a map to highlight the suppliers’ locations. The App also details the recipe costs, calories counted and healthy lifestyle tips.

“Families who took part in the pilot project all said that the quality and fresh taste of local produce was far better than their usual suppliers. The App is a great way of linking local communities to local producers for everyone’s benefit and we hope to extend and develop the project into a permanent one.”

Claire George

Bridgend College