Llangynwyd Village Hall

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Llangynwyd Village Hall

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Project Funding

Awen Cultural Trust

Project Brief

Llangyngwyd’s original Village Hall burnt down in the 1990’s and until recently, the people living in the village had nowhere to hold community meetings or activities.

Llangynwyd’s Community Association acquired their new building, located on the site of the former Village Hall, in April 2013. Originally built around 1880 and used as a school, then later as a chapel and more recently as an artist’s studio, the building had fallen into disrepair and required major structural repair and renovation before it could be used.

Reach Help

The Community Association applied to reach for funding to renovate the building under the ‘Seeds for Village Renewal Grant’. The total cost to renovate the building was £95,500 with reach providing £39,998 and match funding of £10,000 coming from the Community Association. Other grant sources provided the remainder of the finance. The renovation involved a new roof, new windows and a sympathetic restoration of the building to its former glory.

‘The building was in a poor state and needed major structural repair’ said David Gregory, Chairman of the Community Association.’ The majority of the funding to restore the building came from reach. Without the grant, we would still be looking at a derelict shell and it would have taken us so much longer to complete the restoration work. We still wouldn’t have a village hall we could use’.

Outcome and Impact

‘The opening of the new Village Hall offers the facility and opportunity for people in the village to meet, even if they don’t want to attend a structured class’, says David Gregory, the Chair of the Community Association. ‘It adds to their quality of life’

The restored and renovated Village Hall officially opened in late March 2014 and has become a hub for community life. The Hall has a large meeting room equipped with a small stage and a smaller meeting room with an adjacent kitchen, which serves as a community coffee shop, three days a week.  The Village Hall is now used for a variety of activities, catering to many differing tastes and age groups. These include sewing classes, fitness classes, a weekly after school club to play table tennis which then continues in the evening for all members of the community to enjoy. The Community Council monthly meetings are held at the Hall and local Police PACT meetings for Llangynwyd also take place there. A twice weekly play group and language classes are in the pipe line to start in the next few months.

In addition, the Hall is available to rent on Saturdays and Sundays for family parties and community events,