Merthyr Mawr Paths & Walls

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Merthyr Mawr Paths & Walls

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Project Funding

Match Funding - Residents

Project Brief

The Merthyr Mawr path, located between the rivers Ewenny and Ogmore, links the suspension bridge in Merthyr Mawr with the stepping stones crossing the Ewenny River, to land below Ogmore Castle.

The path is used extensively by walkers and horse riders, but is prone to flooding during spring tides and gets extremely muddy. Many sections of the path had been damaged and parts of the walls had broken down, with large gaps allowing animals to get through. All of the walls needed repointing to avoid continued frost damage.

Reach Help

“Horses were straying onto the pathways because of the state of the walls. We needed to repair them and also the pathways to make it safer for walkers,” says John Clarke, Cleaner Streets Operational Officer, Bridgend County Borough Council. The total project cost £30,061 to complete, with reach contributing £24,000 and match funding providing the remainder of the finance. Residents of Merthyr Mawr also contributed towards the project in time and labour.

Outcome and Impact

“We worked closely with local residents and the Merthyr Mawr estate,” says John. The work was undertaken in November 2013 and took eight weeks to complete. Because of the location and possibility of flooding from the Ewenny River, all materials and plant had to be transported across the river from Ogmore Castle when tidal and weather conditions were suitable. Materials were loaded onto tractors and trailers and taken across the river with help from local farmer, Rob Williams and staff from the Merthyr Mawr Estate. Vegetation had to be cleared from the walls to allow stone masons to get access to rebuild and repoint the walls. Damaged sections of the path were removed and a new foundation laid. The materials that were excavated were used as a base for the horse riding path, which is adjacent to the walkers’ pathway. Concrete used, was mixed on the river bank and brought across by trailer, avoiding any contamination of the river. At the end of the repaired footpath, new stepping stones were laid, leading to the existing ones crossing the Ewenny River to Ogmore Castle.