Mobile Tourist Information Centre

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Mobile Tourist Information Centre

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Project Funding

Let’s Innovate Fund

Project Funding

Match Funding

Project Brief

The tourism industry is extremely important to Bridgend County Borough, generating over £268 million annually, with over 3.5 million visitors and employing approximately 4,197 people.

The Tourism Department for the Borough identified the need for a mobile Tourist Information Centre to benefit visitors to rural Bridgend due to the closure of Bridgend’s Tourist Information Centre in 2012 and subsequently Porthcawl’s centre which closed in September 2013. The aim for the mobile TIC is to have a presence at strategic and rural events throughout the County Borough to promote rural tourism offered, as well as provide other relevant information for visitors to the area.

Reach Help

reach supported the project through the ‘Let’s Innovate’ Fund, contributing £10,989 towards the cost of purchasing, adapting and equipping the trailer, which was to be used as the mobile TIC. Match funding of £1,221 provided the remainder of the funding.

Outcome and Impact

“The mobile unit allows the County Borough to deliver tourist information services in a unique and quirky way to visitors,” says Nicola Lewis, History and Heritage Officer, reach Rural Development.” It’s fully DDA complaint and accessible to all.” The unit has the advantage of providing tourism information directly to visitors by having a presence at key county borough events they are attending. During 2013 the mobile TIC attended seven strategic and key rural events throughout the borough, including the Elvis Festival, Bridgend Show and the Wales Senior Open at the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club. Attendance at future key events are planned for 2014.

Another important advantage of the mobile TIC is its cost effectiveness, as it allows this much needed service to be delivered without having the constraints of housing and managing the TIC service from a dedicated building.

“The mobile TIC enables us to provide information directly by having a presence at a variety of key county borough events. It also allows us to widen the County Borough’s tourism and rural profile.”

Nicola Lewis

History and Development Officer, Bridgend Borough Council