In partnership with the Bridgend Countryside Volunteering Network, the LAG commissioned a three year project to develop the sensitive and strategic management of the Kenfig National Nature Reserve site. The aim is to reduce habitat loss and ensure that the ecosystem becomes more resilient to the pressures of the changing climate and increase in visitors.

The project aims to provide opportunities for people to learn about the environment and foster behavioural change so that visitors have less impact on the ecosystem. 

This sensitive management will involve a litter and dog fouling campaign and rationalisation of the rights of way to reduce conflict between reserve users, and lessen their impact in the Reserve. 

Improved signage and bins will facilitate visitors being more responsible on site, while education and interpretation will teach them the importance of environmental conservation, and their role within that conservation. 

Visitors will be able to make links between the importance of caring for Kenfig NNR and other sites of ecological importance across Bridgend.  The behavioural change in residents and visitors resulting from the environmental education experience at Kenfig should in turn benefit all nature sites across Bridgend.

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