In 2016, Reach held events for sporting and community groups with the aim of setting up networks and finding out the issues that groups are facing and how we could help particularly in the context of the Community Asset Transfer programme (CAT).  Reach subsequently produced a CAT toolkit which takes you step by step through the CAT process.  This is available in hard copy through Reach and also on the website, see CAT Toolkit.

The events and the consultation for the toolkit, helped us understand some of the issues that groups are facing, and this has led us to commissioning a project to look at the feasibility of establishing Sustainable Sport based Community Hub or Hubs in the Garw valley.

RPT Consulting – Robin Thompson and James Erskine are commissioned to do this work  and they will  be contacting sport and community groups in the Garw  over the next few months to get your thoughts and ideas.  As the project has the potential to have a really positive effect on sport, community activities and services in the Garw valley, your input is essential.

The Hub or Hubs, have the potential to house a number of sport and community groups who would share facilities and management responsibilities.  This model has been successfully implemented in many areas including  Kidwelly in Swansea where rugby, football, cricket, tennis and bowls have come together take over ownership from the local authority and manage the playing fields and build a new sport community pavilion.

As the project progresses and there are ideas to go forward, Reach will organise a local event to enable you to see what the ideas are and to discuss if or how they can be moved forward.

If you want any further information or updates, or wish to discuss your ideas, please contact Reach