Who We Are

The Reach team is here to deliver the Local Development Strategy on behalf of the Local Action Group. Our officers all have a wealth of experience in delivering rural development activities developed over many years and have several specialisms in areas like local supply chains, community development or natural resources.

We have two officers in place to manage the programme and monitor the finances and other resources. It is also their role to maintain effective relationships with all of our funders.

We also have a team of co-ordinators in place whose role it is to oversee project delivery within the programme. In some cases they will act as the project managers and in other cases they will play the role of contract managers, working with community partnerships to manage contracts with suppliers and service providers.

What We Do

We have a full team of professional and experienced case managers to provide support, expertise and subject matter knowledge to your project.

Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators

Manages Your Project

Has experience in managing programs, developing community ideas and working with individuals and groups to make their idea a success.

Program Leader

Program Leader

Leads Our Project Teams

Manages all programs to ensure they are compliant with all legislation and meeting the needs of the communities.

Program Auditor

Program Auditor

Oversees Project Budgets

Manages all programs budgets and contracts so you don’t have to pay any bills or sign any contracts.

What We Do Best

We pride ourselves in giving outstanding customer service to all of our community projects from concept to successful completion.


we can help you to find a brand for your product to take it to launch

Marketing & Communications

We can help you with advertising, social networking, communications and reaching others.

Project Approval & Budgeting

We can help you with budget preparation, your application to the Local Action Group Team and lots more

Project Strategy

We can help you with your project strategy, concepts, networking and difficult questions

Orginsational Architecture

We can help you develop your organisation and connect you to like minded organisations

Business Consulting

We can provide business and organisational consulting services via our professional networks