Billy’s Gym and Wellness Centre CIC

Billy’s Gym and Wellness Centre applied to the Community Feasibility Fund for assistance with preparing a visualisation for the development of a new gym facility in Maesteg, which will re-purpose a disused building in the area.

Billy’s Gym and Wellness Centre is run as an established gym, with a paid membership having been in existence for over 46 years and has recently registered for CIC status.

The facility also provides a range of free-of-charge wellness activities, especially catering for disability, such as parent-and-child exercise classes, boxing for children with disabilities and a GP exercise referral scheme. Alongside the free wellbeing programmes, the organisation provides children with a free meal to take home.

Their current venue has been home to the gym for many years, but the growth of the organisation means it is no longer suitable.  As well as this, the facility is in need of renovation and the organisation has determined that it would be more appropriate to relocate the gym at this stage, with the assistance of the Community Ownership Fund.  As part of this application, a business plan is being developed with the Development Trusts Association, which will include the visualisation being developed with the Reach team.  The visualisation will give of the building as it will be when completed. For this, the services of an architect are required, to deliver a representation of the building which is structurally accurate, showing the expected layout and uses of the various areas.

The visualisation can also then be used to promote the building to stakeholders, facility users, potential tenants and the general public.

Billy’s Gym and Wellness Centre CIC

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