Blaencaerau School Site

The Noddfa Youth Development Project are working with the Reach team to undertake a feasibility study that will develop options for the usage of the site at Blaencaerau school in Maesteg.

The Noddfa Community Project offers opportunities and services for the community to access provision for children, young people and adults through activities, projects, clubs, workshops, training, informal learning, accredited learning, day and evening activities at the community centre and in the community spaces.

The group applied to the Community Feasibility fund for a feasibility study to assist with their consideration of taking on a community asset transfer (CAT) of the site of the former Blaencaerau Junior School.  The school burnt down and the site is currently abandoned.  Currently there are few outdoor play and sports facilities in Caerau that are open access and provide the opportunities for children and young people to feel safe, be active, enjoy socialising and have fun together in their community.

The community would like to see the Blaencaerau School site put to good use for the community, with the possibility of a Multi-Use Games Area, an Indoor Sports Barn and outdoor play areas such as table tennis and climbing wall etc.

The Reach team allocated funding to commission a specialist consultant to undertake the feasibility study, which will consult with young people, develop options for the site’s use and development, consider whether the installation of a large shed-type building would be possible, provide costings and information on the potential acquisition of the sire, identify capital funds which may be available to progress to the next phase of the project and present all the information required in a comprehensive report.

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