Bridgend Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP)

The Bridgend Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) will provide bespoke energy surveys for 40 community buildings and sports facilities across Bridgend Borough. The surveys will show what changes and improvements can be made to the venue to improve energy efficiency. They will then provide relevant evidence to secure future capital grants to ensure environmental sustainability and a reduction in running costs.

The BEEP project will support community groups and sports clubs in achieving a step change in their energy consumption and putting themselves on a more sustainable footing for the future.  This is particularly important during times of increased energy charges and the need to move to net zero by 2030.

The project aims to target and support up to 40 buildings (20 community centres and 20 sports pavilions) across the County Borough which are, or are in the process of, being independently managed by community groups / sports clubs.


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