Bridgend Resilient Communities: Mapping and Research Survey

Bridgend County Borough Council have enlisted specialists The Means to undertake a research and mapping exercise of Community Development and third Sector activities in the borough of Bridgend. The project will identify the charities, community groups, community & town councils, networks, third sector organisations and volunteer groups that are currently operating in Bridgend. This will help to highlight what voluntary work is being undertaken, where there are gaps and analyse methods of achieving community success.

This vital research will be key in helping shape the future delivery of community development programmes in Bridgend. The mapping exercise will look at existing community development activities across Bridgend County Borough. The survey is looking to gather views from a variety of community organisations, to help identify barriers for their supported members, look at what issues are not being addressed and what support is needed to enable the ongoing resilience of Bridgend’s communities.

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.