Cornelly Community Park

The Reach team are supporting Cornelly Community Council to undertake a community consultation and determine the requirements of the local community in relation to Cornelly Community Park.

The Community Council would like to consider the installation of a skatepark and/or other features within Cornelly Community Park.  There are limited provisions for youth in the area of Cornelly and the Council feels that this would be beneficial to the youths by giving them somewhere to go and be able to socialise, exercise and learn new skills.

The Council are in the process of taking over the lease of the park in the form of a Community Asset Transfer and plan to make improvements which will benefit all members of the community.   New paths have recently been installed and now they feel that a skatepark and/or other features could become the central hub for the area and give younger people a focus.

The Reach team are supporting the Community Council by commissioning a consultant to undertake an extensive consultation with local residents, to obtain their input on what they would like to see in their community park. Such areas being considered include a skate park, which will fit in with developing other areas to include additional trees and wildflower areas to make the park popular with all ages and to be a central part of the community.

Cornelly Community Council

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