Digital Inclusion

Reach are working alongside members of the Bridgend Employability Network (BEN) to create a general approach to “access for all” digital training. The project aims to address concerns that the move of all benefits onto digital platforms for  Universal Credit (UC) by 2028 will lead to some digitally excluded individuals losing access to their benefits. The project will aim to identify digitally excluded people and prepare them for the move to digital only access to UC.

The project “access for all” digital training, will initially be piloted in the Garw Valley Community Council boundary. It will also target people of working age, as there is currently curriculum support for digital inclusion for those still in education.

The specialist consultant will consider developing an accredited training programme, conduct a consultation exercise to review the local needs for digital skills hubs and identify appropriate hubs in the Garw Valley to base the training.  The pilot project will close with a report detailing the effectiveness of the programme and evaluate the impact for the local community.

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