Maesteg Town Council Action Plan

Maesteg Town Council are working with the Reach Team and Grasshopper Communications to undertake an extensive consultation with local residents to outline local priorities and develop and action plan, providing a strategic direction for the Council over the next 5 – 10 years.

Specialists, Grasshopper Communications, were commissioned by the Reach team to engage initially with the 17 Town Councillors and the Clerks to discuss their current plans and determine what they would like to achieve for their community.

The consultation and action plan will also provide the opportunity to publicise the work of the Town Council, to emphasise what elements of public services they do and do not control and highlight their achievements. The consultant will also identify which local community groups (and businesses) might be suitable for partnership working to make better use of resources.

The action plan will establish recommendations for the Town Council to take forward.  This will be informed by extensive community consultation to develop actions, cost the recommendations, identify potential funding sources and prepare a realistic timetable for their delivery.

Maesteg Town Council

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