Net Zero Village

The community of South Cornelly have created a Community Interest Company (CIC) called South Cornelly Renewable Energy CIC, to enable them to achieve their ambition of creating a “Net Zero Village”. Reach are supporting the group with a feasibility study that will build upon an earlier project developed in the village to enable them to create a local energy market (LEM).

The feasibility study will investigate how the local energy market can be expanded and integrated with a proposed electrolyser producing green hydrogen, from community owned solar and wind assets, for the decarbonisation of heat within the village. The feasibility study will address technical, commercial and governance issues, showing if it is possible for the village to achieve its net zero vision.  The study will also support the development of a high-level business plan that the CIC can use as the basis for developing future funding bids and to attract investment where required.

South Cornelly Community Group