Parc Calon Lan Improvements

The Reach team are working with the BCBC Economic Development Unit to commission a specialist consultant to undertake a feasibility study, to determine whether to install a sustainable well-being work hub and various improvements at Parc Calon Lan in the Garw Valley.

Parc Calon Lan is under long term lease agreement between BCBC and Garw Valley Community Council (GVCC), to enable the ongoing management of the Park.  The study will consider whether the installation of a wellbeing work hub with remote working capacity and facilities would be viable.  The study will also consider landscaping works, the reinstatement/expansion of mountain bike trails in the area, walking trails around the park, improvements to the route signage, park interpretation and points of interest, as well as the possibility of redeveloping the pump track on the site.

In 2021, the Garw Valley Community Council and Reach worked to develop a 5-year Action Plan for the Upper Garw Valley. The Action Plan process involved extensive community & stakeholder consultation. The vision of the Action Plan was: A healthy and functioning natural environment, supporting the health, well-being and economy of the Upper Garw Valley and its residents.   The Action Plan (2021) had clearly defined themes emerging that were centred around the natural environment of the Upper Garw Valley. These included support for enhancing the existing biodiversity through planting projects and creation of natural habitats, natural play provisions. Improving and expanding the mountain bike trails and facilities. Improved signage for active travel routes to include walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers and increasing marketing to raise the profile of the area.   This study will continue to explore these options and the needs of the community.

Parc Calon Lan

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