Pheasant Fields

Newcastle Higher Community Council (NHCC) was granted a Community Asset transfer on the Pheasant Field in Pen Y Fai and as part of their aim to make the field more accessible and maximise its use, they have approached the Reach team to assist with determining the feasibility of introducing the following:

– Better accessibility to the field to include easier access for prams and wheelchairs

– Enhanced lighting around the field to ensure a safe area for the community in the evenings and early mornings

– A path to access the perimeter of the field to enable fuller and better use of the space and help access more areas of the field.

– The installation of more benches and seating around these areas

Enhancing the Pheasant Field has been something the council and local residents have been aiming for, for some time and this study will assist with the identification of the most suitable elements for progression and identify potential capital funds to do so.  To successfully implement some or all of these changes would be of huge benefit to the Pen-y-Fai area.

Newcastle Higher Community Council

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