The MEM Feasibility Project

The Nant-y-Moel Girls and Boys club (The MEM) is working with the Reach team to commission a consultant to undertake a feasibility study, investigate potential funding opportunities and provide professional advice regarding funding applications.

The Boys & Girls Club are managing a busy hall daily., which involves having conversations with users and listening to their concerns and issues with using the hall.  As well as hands on daily interaction with hall users, there has been considerable community engagement and consultation over the years.  Building on the consultation Reach did for the previous hall refurbishment, there has since been online surveys, questionnaires, and social media activity on the hall Facebook page.

The need for a better heated hall comes out in all this consultation and discussion with hall users.  The hall has a state-of-the-art infrared heating system, but the electricity costs are preventing this being used properly.  The hall is working towards grant funding to increase the solar panel coverage and generally improve the hall.

The feasibility study will involve a desktop review of existing studies, assist with organisational priorities, undertake an audit of existing solar panel feed in tariff payments, review of the existing building, support the group with obtaining input from the infrared heating system’s engineers, consider the feasibility of an additional solar panel, develop a costed plan for hall improvement, assist with funding availability and provide guidance on the completion of future grant applications.

Nant-y-Moel Girls and Boys club (The MEM)