Ty Talwyn Play Park

The Reach team are assisting Pyle Community Council to undertake a residents’ consultation as part of a Community Asset Transfer of land to the rear of Ty Talwyn Avenue.

In February 2023 Bridgend County Borough Council’s CAT Steering Group approved Pyle Community Council’s expression of interest in the Community Asset Transfer of land at Ty Talwyn Avenue to provide a play park and wild meadow area at land to the rear of Ty Talwyn Avenue.  A specific condition of the approval was that the Community Council undertake a suitable residents’ consultation.

Outline sketch designs of the proposed play park were produced by Geoff Whittington in 2022 and an extensive community consultation is required to engage the residents in the project and obtain feedback on what elements of the play offer would be most appealing to local residents.  Following the initial consultation, the results will be considered during the re-design of the park and presented to the Community Council for consideration.

The longer-term aim of this project is to provide a modern play park, with equipment catering for children of all ages.  The nearest play park to the proposed site is a small park at Commercial Street, Kenfig Hill.  The proposed play equipment and wild meadow will provide opportunity for children of all ages to keep fit and active, which contributes to a healthy mind and body.  This longer-term project will provide an area where families can meet with other families to build and maintain a sense of community spirit within the area, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation and social exclusion sometimes felt by parents of young children.

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